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Listen to past shows where Dr. Julio Gonzalez and Rod Thomson discuss and debate how our nation has drifted from its foundational principles and what to do about it. Understandings you will not find on other sites in an enjoyable, understanding tone.

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Restoring the Constitution

Surgeon and constitutional attorney Julio Gonzalez lays out where we went wrong constitutionally and how we restore the Republic.

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Read much more about today's issues against a backdrop of foundational American truths. The Revolutionary Act brings you more historic, traditional and researched context than other sites. You find out what is happening, why it's happening, and how we can restore American exceptionalism.

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Right Talk Radio Foundational Truths

Surgeon and constitutional attorney Julio Gonzalez and long-time political commentator and author Rod Thomson team up to bring you talk radio like you've never heard it. Two experienced guys dissect the issues and events of the day against a backdrop of foundational truths — constitutional, religious, natural. Listen live on AM 930 The Answer or FM 93.7 and 103.1, or listen on demand here:

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